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The educational landscape is changing from the focus on basic reading and math under NCLB to a new set of 21st century skills that emphasize technology, critical and creative thinking, communication and organization. In Illinois, the Common Core State Standards (and PARCC assessment) will guide the development of these new learning paradigms.

Not only is the P-12 education environment changing, but the surrounding landscape is shifting dramatically - government regulation and (lack of) support, teacher and leader preparation, economic development, and the non-profit support systems are under fire. There is a need to connect, especially in rural communities, with all stakeholders including families, community, business, non-profits, churches, agencies, and broader economic development efforts.

The entire P-16 education system and support network  must change to succeed. This change requires a more systemic approach to provide the best outcomes for children.

In rural communities, resources and capacity are stretched. In order to survive, and even thrive, they must work within their communities in networks that allows mutual support across district and political lines.

The solution is to develop a regional network to support rural communities to improve education and build pipelines to advanced education as well as economic and community development.


The world ain’t what is used to be...

We can't solve the problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.
                                                                             -Albert Einstein

serving central Illinois

Regional Activities

Central Illinois Rural School Partnership

Joint effort to connect schools, churches, non-profits, economic development, and agencies for collaboration and solving common problems to improve rural communities

Rural School Forum
June 15, 2017
8:00 - noon

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